Options for Code of Conduct IFOAM traders



In drafting this options paper, the authors reviewed a number of existing codes and standards. Many of the ideas reflected in this document come from these sources. Those documents that were particularly helpful include include the Draft Agricultural Labour Standards (USA) written by Richard Mandelbaum for CATA, Social Accountability International standard and Guidance Document, the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and Principles of Implementation, various documents from FLO International, the ICFTU/ITS Basic Code of Labour Practice, the FIAN Code of conduct for the production of cut-flowers, the Hand In Hand criteria from Rapunzel, documents from SEKEM, and an article written by Dwight Justice of the ICFTU on codes of conduct.

The authors would also like to thank COLEACP - Catherine Guichard; CREM - Victor de Lange; ETI - David Croft; Fair Trade Organisatie - Hester Stafleu; FAO - Pascal Liu; FNV Mondiaal - Astrid Kaag; ICFTU - Dwight Justice; IFOAM - Thomas Cierpka; OLAA - Kees Hoek; Organic Farm Foods - Peter Segger; Rapunzel - Elizabeth Walcher and Lucas Kelterborn; SAI - Gearhart Judy and Alice Tepper Marlin; Sekem - Helmy Abouleish and Twin - Nabs Suma for their help and/or comments on earlier drafts of this document.

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