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Annex 8: list of definitions of Social Accountability International

1. Definition of company: the entirety of any organization or business entity responsible for implementing the requirements of this standard, including all personnel (i.e., directors, executives, management, supervisors, and non-management staff, whether directly employed, contracted or otherwise representing the company).

2. Definition of supplier: a business entity which provides the company with goods and/or services integral to, and utilized in/for, the production of the company's goods and/or services.

3. Definition of subcontractor: a business entity in the supply chain which, directly or indirectly, provides the supplier with goods and/or services integral to, and utilized in/for, the production of the supplier's and/or company's goods and/or services.

4. Definition of remedial action: action taken to remedy a nonconformance.

5. Definition of corrective action: action taken to prevent the recurrence of a non-conformance.

6. Definition of interested party: individual or group concerned with or affected by the social performance of the company.

7. Definition of child: any person less than 15 years of age, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work or mandatory schooling, in which case the higher age would apply. If, however, local minimum age law is set at 14 years of age in accordance with developing- country exceptions under ILO Convention 138, the lower age will apply.

8. Definition of young worker: any worker over the age of a child as defined above and under the age of 18.

9. Definition of child labour: any work by a child younger than the age(s) specified in the above definition of a child, except as provided for by ILO Recommendation 146.

10. Definition of forced labour: all work or service that is extracted from any person under the menace of any penalty for which said person has not offered him/herself voluntarily.

11. Definition of remediation of children: all necessary support and actions to ensure the safety, health, education, and development of children who have been subjected to child labour, as defined above, and are dismissed.

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