Options for Code of Conduct IFOAM traders


References made to the code

Once the code is implemented, organic traders who are signatories may want to make reference to their participation in the IFOAM Code of Conduct for Traders. The following are suggestions as to how this could be addressed.

  1. Signatories to the IFOAM code of conduct for traders are allowed to use a phrase `' that confirms their participation in, and observance of, the IFOAM Code of Conduct for Organic Traders on their letterhead, on company profiles and on their websites. The exact wording depends on what kind of monitoring system is put in place.
  2. A list of signatories to the IFOAM code of conduct for traders is published on the IFOAM website. Members are encouraged to refer to this website in their correspondence especially when they do not have their own websites.
  3. Organic traders make available the Code of Conduct to any persons or institutions that request it and display the code on their websites where relevant.


To provide an incentive for companies to work with the code of conduct beyond observing the minimum requirements, an annual award could be given to the company that excels in its social performance.

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last updated: 24 october 2000
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