Options for Code of Conduct IFOAM traders


Labour requirements above basic codes


While the base labour codes of conduct discussed in the previous section are comprehensive in their coverage of workplace relations, with respect to certain issues, there may be a need for additional labour requirements.

Suggestions as to additional labour practice requirements

1. In chapter 10 of IFOAM Basic Standards, the recommendation that social security needs be met including maternity, sickness and retirement benefits is more explicit than the requirements in most of the base labour codes. It is recommended that this recommendation be added to the compensation section of the base code chosen.

2. While the occupational health and safety requirements are addressed in the base labour codes discussed in the previous section, these requirements are meant to apply to a wide range of sectors with the exception of the cut flowers code. Given this, they are necessarily vague. Organic traders may want to develop specific occupational health and safety requirements relevant to those sectors that are involved in organic production and processing. These could complement the chosen base labour code and provide auditable requirements. Examples of occupational health and safety standards developed for sectors relevant to the organic movement include Conservation Agriculture Network Standards, FLO International standards for bananas and EUREP GAP 2000 protocol.

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