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In this section we will regularly outline a piece of work on which NovoTRADE would like to invite comments from others.

The paper below was written by two NovoTRADE members, Sasha Courville and Maarten Rijninks, for the IFOAM Scientific Conference 2000 (Basel, August 2000). The paper was sponsored by Hivos and Novib. If you are involved in the organic or fair trade movement, please feel free to give your reaction in email at

Through these kinds of activities, we hope

Sasha Courville and Maarten Rijninks


Options for Code of Conduct IFOAM traders

The following IFOAM programme supported drafting the options paper:
"Development of Organic Agriculture in developing countries until 2002"
Sponsored by NOVIB and HIVOS, both The Netherlands.

This paper is for distribution among Organic Traders.

Please send comments and suggestion by November 1, 2000 to and

4 September 2000
Sasha Courville (Australia) and
Maarten Rijninks (The Netherlands)


Broad Context
Developing A code of Conduct
Areas to Consider for Inclusion into the Code of Conduct
How strong should the code be?
Impacts on the Supply Chain and Financial Responsibility
Process to draft a code of conduct
Suggestion regarding the underlying basis for the Code of Conduct
Suggestions for Concepts to be included in the Preamble
Basic Labour Requirements for Organic Traders and Suppliers
Suggestions as to Basic Labour Requirements
Labour requirements above basic codes
Suggestions as to additional labour practice requirements
Working Relationships for Organic Traders
Suggested Requirements
     Relationships with the Organic Movement in General
     Internal Relationships within the Organic Trading Company
     Relationships between Organic Trading Companies
     Relationships with Trading Partners (both Suppliers and Clients)
Implementating and Monitoring the code
Options for a Monitoring Mechanism
     Self-Monitoring plus Reporting Structures in Place
     Third Party Verification
Overseeing the Implementation of the Code of Conduct
Considerations in Monitoring
References made to the code
Annex 1: ICFTU/ITS Basic Code of Labour Practice
Annex 2: SA8000 code
Annex 3: Base code Ethical Trading Initiative
Annex 4: IFAT Code of Practices
Annex 5: Code for the production of cut-flowers
Annex 6: Rapunzel: "Hand in Hand" Criteria
Annex 7: relationship, obligations and rights of the FLO members
Annex 8: list of definitions of Social Accountability International
last updated: 24 october 2000
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