The Smell of Coffee

Our coffees

Enjoy your coffee on the spot, take it away wherever you go or bring some home. You can have your coffee many different ways, from ristretto to cappuccino, caffe latte, caffe mocha and more.

Bring our coffees home, freshly ground according to the method you use to prepare your coffee. Our coffees are selected and roasted exclusively for The Smell of Coffee by Neuteboom coffee roasters.

Our blends

Peru Organico - our house espresso
A first class, high altitude grown, certified organic arabica coffee. A powerful, robust coffee, very fit to have as espresso or ristretto.

Café Amigos - our house blend
Café Amigos is a blend of high quality arabica coffee from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru. These coffees are all grown by the small farmers who co-own The Smell of Coffee. This coffee reveals all its qualities when enjoyed as a ‘caffe lungo’.

Colombia Supremo
A first class high altitude grown arabica coffee. Powerful and slightly acid, this fine espresso is very nice after a meal or late in the afternoon.

Girdle of Emerald
A 100% sun dried coffee from Timor, Indonesia. A classic, slightly acid coffee, with an distinctive taste. For true lovers of Indonesian coffee, it is especially good as a 'caffe lungo’.

Montes de Oro
The ‘Mountains of Gold’ are the fertile volcanic slopes of Costa Rica and El Salvador. The coffee for this blend is grown in coffee gardens on these slopes. A good morning coffee, for those who want a smooth start for the day.

Café du Monde
A world blend of aromatic arabica coffee from Central America, combined with Santos coffee from Brazil. Sun dried Indonesian arabica and African robusta give this blend its robustness.

last updated: 24 march 2000