Services we offer

Our goal

To create product and trade development opportunities for small-scale producers and their families from the African, Asian and Latin American continents on the world market, including the fair trade market and the dynamic organic market.


NovoTRADE works toward the goal outlined above through innovative projects and the creation of stable trading relations and other commercial relations between producer groups and interested market parties.


Management support and organisational development

  We support organisations of small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs in their work toward solutions to organisational and managerial problems, so they can become reliable, accountable and commercially viable trading partners.

Project and trade development

  We co-operate in and stimulate the development of innovative trade relations.

Credit and financing

  We offer mediation in finding affordable credit and working capital.

Product promotion and marketing

  We research product opportunities and provide active support through market introduction in order to reach a stable market share.

Policy and communication

  We build bridges and improve the communication between Third World suppliers, commercial business and the worlds of development co-operation.

Fair trade and organic products

  We contribute to the development of standards of corporate ethical, social and environmental responsibility in agriculture.


Projects or trading relations can be developed by NovoTRADE itself, or NovoTRADE can play a dynamic role in existing projects. For this purpose NovoTRADE seeks to bring together the necessary means and capacity, through co-operation with strategic players in the entire production chain. We work for farmer's groups, traders, industry, distributors, retailers, commercial and non-commercial financiers, and local and international development organisations (NGOs). The role of NovoTRADE will vary according to the activity and the project and the current phase of the activity or project.

last updated: 24 march 2000
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