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Fair trade organisations

Max Havelaar   The Dutch fair trade labelling organisation

Fair trade companies

Fair Trade   The Dutch Fair Trade Organisation

Organic agriculture

Agro Eco   A leading Dutch organic consultancy firm

Development cooperation

SNV   The Netherlands Development Organisation
ICCO   Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Hivos   Humanistic Institute for Development Cooperation
Novib   Organization for Development Cooperation
Ecooperation   The Dutch organisation for sustainable development

Research and education

LBI   Louis Bolk Research Institute

Credit and financing

Triodos Bank   A Dutch development bank


SKAL   The Dutch organic control and certification organisation
CEPAA   Council of Economic Priorities and Accreditation Agency, USA


LNV   The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Fisheries


SNM   The Netherlands Foundation for Nature and Environment

last updated: 20 october 2000
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